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Tire Repair Plugs (5 Count Brown or Black)

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When you get a puncture in one of your tubeless off-road tires, don't despair! Just insert a reamer into the offending hole a couple times to clean it up, then thread one of these tire repair plugs through the eye of a plugger needle. Jam the plugger needle into the hole, pull it out, and voila! No puncture, no problem.

Choose between black or brown. This pack of 5 string plugs works great as a refill for our tire plugs kits.

• (5) tire repair plugs, 7-ply
• Length: 4" each 
• Available in black or brown
Works as a refill for our tire plugs kits
For tubeless off-road tires, including ATVs, mowers, and wheelbarrows
No glue needed
Part #20233 (Brown) and Part #20252 (Black)

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