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Tire Inflator & Vacuum (2-in-1)

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Meet your new best friend! This lightweight, portable device is both a tire inflator and a vacuum in one compact design. 

With a powerful motor that airs up a standard tire in 6 minutes, the tire inflator features a digital gauge with Inflate Right Technology (auto shut-off at set psi) and a built-in light.  

The vacuum incorporates strong suction power and a long-reach hose to clean anywhere. Got a back seat full of sand, goldfish crackers, pet hair, even liquid? This tire inflator vacuums it all. 

 We are proud to say that this new 2-in-1 tire inflator and vacuum "sucks!"

Prop 65 Warning

12-Volt Tire Inflator:
• 6 minute inflation time for standard tires
• 12-volt accessory outlet (10 ft power cord)
• Bright LED light
• Power switch that toggles between inflator and vacuum
• Digital gauge (0-99 psi) with Inflate Right Technology to automatically shut off when desired pressure is reached
• Tire sensor safe
• Includes multi-purpose air adapters for rafts, balls and other inflatables

• Strong suction that cleans anywhere
• Easy grip handle
• Expandable accordion hose with crevice/dusting tool attachment for hard-to-reach places
• Removable, easy clean debris canister
• Wet and dry vacuum

Part #40058

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