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Rugged Digital Tire Inflator

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This Rugged Digital Tire Inflator will air up a standard tire in 4 minutes. Not only is it durable, but it comes equipped with the latest in inflator innovation: Inflate Right Technology. Simply set your desired pressure on the display, turn on the inflator, and walk away! It's that easy. You can't go wrong with an inflator that is powerful, compact and built to last. 

Prop 65 Warning

Inflates a standard car tire from flat to full in 4 minutes
12V accessory car power
Rugged rubber housing
Digital display featuring Inflate-Right Technology (1-99 psi)
Bright LED light (toggle between white or blinking hazard red)
Air hose 2' in length with twist connect
Powerful and compact
On/off button
• Tire sensor safe
Rubberized feet provide stability during use
• Includes multi-purpose air adapters for rafts, balls and other inflatables
Part #40047

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Rugged Digital Tire Inflator Instruction Manual

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