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Lite Self-Sealing Tubes

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Our beloved self-sealing tubes in a lighter format! SlimePro Lite Smart Tubes™ are pre-installed with Slime and provide maximum puncture protection for up to 2 years with minimal added weight. That means longer distances, faster times and no flat tires!

All Lite Smart Tubes come with Presta valves.

26" x 1.75-2.125"
48mm Presta valve
Weight: 219 grams
Part #30024

700x 19-25mm 
48mm Presta valve
Weight: 117 grams
Part #30026

700x 28-35mm
48mm Presta valve
Weight: 158 grams
Part #30025

Between the dozens of size options and the various valve stem types (Presta, what is that?), selecting the correct tube for your bike can be challenging. Check out our quick tube guide to help you select the perfect tire tube for your bicycle every time.

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