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Large Tire Tackle Kit

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Tired of looking for your tire repair tools? Try a tire tackle kit. This 9-piece Large Tire Tackle Kit contains every tool needed for flat tire repair on your car or truck, in a compartmentalized case so you can keeps your tools and accessories organized and accessible in your trunk or glove box. 

9-piece kit contains:
• Full-size pencil gauge (5-50 psi)
• T-handle plugger
• T-handle reamer
• (6) Tire plug strings

• (1) T-handle reamer
• (1) T-handle plugger
• (1) Pencil gauge (5-50 psi). Measures in psi, kPa and bar
• (6) 4" long tire plug strings, 7-ply
• Packaged in a durable, translucent green plastic tire tackle case
• TPMS safe
• Part #20133

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