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Medium Tire Tackle Kit - Power Sport

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Say goodbye to lost tools. This Slime Medium Tire Tackle Kit is perfect for your ATV, tractor, off-road and all other power sport vehicles. The 22-piece kit stores your tire care essentials in easy to browse compartments so you have everything you need to repair a flat tube/tire while on the go.

This 22-piece set includes:
• Pencil gauge 10-50 psi
• Screwdriver-style reamer and plugger tools
• 3 tire plugs
• 5 patches

• 4-way valve tool 
• 4 replacement valve cores
 4 standard black valve caps
 4 upgraded aluminum valve caps  
• Rubber cement
• Scuffer

(1) Pencil gauge, 10-50 psi. Measures in psi, kPa and bar
(4) Valve cores
(1) 4-way valve tool that removes valve cores, re-taps treads inside/outside and reams inside the valve stem
(4) Silver anodized aluminum valve caps
(5) 1.5" (35mm) round patches
(3) String plugs, 9-ply, 100mm long
(1) Tube of rubber cement (.41 fluid oz)
(1) Screwdriver handle reamer
(1) Screwdriver handle plugger
(1) Metal tire scuffer
• Packaged in a durable, translucent green plastic tire tackle case
• Tire sensor safe
• Part #2510

Medium Tire Tackle Kit Instruction Manual

Warning: This repair kit is only suitable for emergency tire repairs to enable vehicles to be taken to a service center where proper repairs can be made to the tire. Not intended for use for major tire damage. Radial ply tires may only be repaired in the tread area. No repairs are permitted on the bead, sidewall, or shoulder area of the tire. Extreme caution should be used while using tools to prevent injury. Eye protection should be worn while repairing tires. Use of this product could void tire warranty.

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