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2-in-1 Screwdriver Handle Tire Plug Kit

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Slime's 2-in-1 combination tool allows a single tool to be used for both reaming and plugging a tire puncture. Combine this handy tool with our extra strong tire repair strings, you will have no trouble repairing puncture-related flats on all tires.

Who said two tools are better than one? Cut down on clutter in your tire repair toolbox and increase the speed of your repair today! 

4-piece kit contains:
(1) 2-in-1 Screwdriver handle reamer/plugger tool
(3) Extra strong tire repair strings

2-in-1 Screwdriver handle reamer/plugger tool
• (3) Extra long tire repair strings
• Part #20203

Warning: This repair kit is only suitable for emergency tire repairs to enable vehicles to be taken to a service center where proper repairs can be made to the tire. Not intended for use for major tire damage. Radial ply tires may only be repaired in the tread area. No repairs are permitted on the bead, sidewall, or shoulder area of the tire. Extreme caution should be used while using tools to prevent injury. Eye protection should be worn while repairing tires. Use of this product could void tire warranty.

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