Slime Flat Tire Repair Kits

Easy, fast emergency tire repair

What is a Flat Tire Repair Kit?

Meet your alternative to a spare tire. No more having to struggle with a jack and small donut tire, or wait for roadside assistance. Slime's flat tire repair kits are a simple and fast way to repair in a flat tire emergency.

Slime offers a variety of different flat tire repair kit options, but the core of each kit is the same: A combination of tire repair sealant and air is injected into your tire to plug up the puncture and get you off the side of the road quickly. 

For those physically unable to change a flat tire, those who don't know how to change a flat, frequent drivers, new drivers and many more, a flat tire repair kit is the best way to stay safe in a flat tire emergency.

What to Consider in Your Perfect Tire Repair Kit

Number of Steps

Some repair kits are a multi-step process, while others are all-in-one repair with the push of a button.

Vehicle Tire Size

Bigger tires need more sealant, so be sure to pick the right size repair kit: Standard car or truck/SUV.


All tire repair kits get the job done easily. The more affordable ones just take a few extra steps and more time.


Want all the extra bits? Consider a kit with Thru-Core technology, a digital gauge, or Inflate Right capabilities.

Slime's Flat Tire Repair Kit Collection

Smart Spair

Repair Kit

Smart Spair 


Flat Tire Repair Kit

Flat Tire Repair Kit 

Flat Tire Repair Kit Truck/SUV/Van

Pro-Series Flat Tire
Repair Kit