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Extra Strong Self-Sealing Bicycle Tubes 27.5" x 2.0-2.40" Presta

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These are no ordinary bicycle tubes! These extra strong inner tubes stop flats for 2 years because there is Slime inside. Slime inside tube

• No more flats for 2 years!
• Extra strong with Slime sealant inside
• Instantly seals tread area punctures up to 1/8″ (3mm) in size
• Seals multiple punctures repeatedly
• Non-toxic and non-flammable
• Cleans up with water 

Works in bicycles, wheelbarrows, wheelchairs, jogging strollers, snow blowers and much more. Stop flats for 2 years!

Prop 65 Warning

• 27.5" x 2.0-2.40"
• Presta valve stem
• Pre-filled with puncture stopping Slime tube sealant
• Prevents flats for 2 years!
• Part #30076

How to Select and Install a Slime Tube:

 How Does Slime Work?

Between the dozens of size options and the various valve stem types (Presta, what is that?), selecting the correct tube for your bike can be challenging. Check out our quick tube guide to help you select the perfect tire tube for your bicycle every time.

What Tube Size Do I Need? What Valve Does My Tire Have?

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