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Sealant Refill Cartridges for the Flat Tire Repair Kits

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Did your Flat Tire Repair Kit help you get back on the road quickly and safely after a flat tire emergency? Don't toss your Flat Tire Repair Kit, simply recharge it with a sealant refill cartridge!

Please note: This is not a standalone product! Must be used in conjunction with Slime’s Flat Tire Repair Kits. Slime’s Sealant Refill Cartridges are available in two sizes:

• 15.2 oz fits the standard Flat Tire Repair Kit (Part #50122 Analog and Part #50123 Digital).
• 22 oz fits the Flat Tire Repair Kit - Truck/SUV/Van (Part #50139)

• Easy to connect
• Tire sensor safe
• Part #10179 for standard tire repair kit (15.2 oz)
• Part #10189 for truck tire repair kit (22 oz)

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