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Dual Power All Purpose Tire Inflator (120V/12V)

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Looking for the most flexible tire inflator on the market? Look no further! Slime's newest tool, the Dual Power All Purpose Tire Inflator, offers two hoses and two power options so you can easily inflate all your tires and toys!

Dual Air Hoses:
• High pressure for inflating tires quickly
• High volume for inflating rafts and mattresses quickly

Dual Power:
120-volt home outlet
• 12-volt car accessory outlet

With its dual power motor, the Dual Power All Purpose Tire Inflator airs up a standard car tire from flat to full in only 6 minutes. Plus, the tire inflator automatically detects the correct power source. 

Add in an easy-to-read dial gauge with shock resistant housing (0-100 psi), a quick on/off toggle between high pressure or high volume, convenient cord and hose storage, and a rugged, compact design, and you have one versatile tire inflator!

Prop 65 Warning

• Air cooled, dual power tire inflator motor
• Standard tire inflation time is 6 minutes (from flat to full)
• Mattress inflation time is 3 minutes (twin air mattress)
• Home 120-volt wall outlet power and auto 12-volt accessory power
• Automatically detects 120-volt or 12-volt power source
• Easy to read dial gauge with shock resistant housing (0-100 psi)
• On/Off switch toggles between high pressure (tires) or high volume (inflatables)
• Rugged housing and durable, compact design
• Convenient storage compartments for tidy power cord and air hose management
• Tire sensor safe
• Includes multi-purpose air adapters for rafts, balls and other inflatables
• Built in mounting brackets, plus included mounting screw and anchors for convenient garage wall storage

• Part #40065

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