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Pro-Series Super Duty Tire Inflator

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Slime’s most powerful inflator yet: The Pro-Series Super Duty Tire Inflator. It is equipped with a dual piston motor that can fill up your tires in a minute and a half without even breaking a sweat.

But don’t worry, this direct drive motor inflator has a thermal break feature to prevent overheating, allowing you to air up even the biggest tires. Keeping your workspace bright, the Pro-Series Super Duty Inflator comes with a 400 lumen LED light.

To top it off, we included an extremely accurate, liquid-filled gauge that is shock resistant, durable and even glows in the dark. Use it in-line at any area of the hose or separately as a standalone gauge. 

The Pro-Series line of products are rugged, built to last and get the job done right!

Prop 65 Warning

Inflation time: 1 minute and 30 seconds
Dual piston motor
High pressure, liquid-filled gauge. Can be used independently, or inline while inflating
Glow in the dark dial face
400 Lumen removable magnetic LED light for nighttime emergencies (Just slide it up and off!)
• Steady and quiet base with vibration isolation
Thermal break feature 
Vehicle mount-ready
Comes in a durable, heavy duty carrying case
Direct connect to battery
Easy 30' reach
Nylon braided hose
• Tire sensor safe
Part #40048

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