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Bicycle SKABS Pre-Glued Tube Patches

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Patch up punctures in your bike tubes with Slime's peel and stick SKABS. No glue means no mess! These SKABS are quick and easy to apply, and come in a compact storage container. Just toss them into your bike bag.

Kit contains (6) pre-glued 1″ patches and a scuffer. 

(6) green patches (SKABS) individually cut
(1) round metal scuffer
(1) clamshell package
Other uses: Tubeless bike tires, tarps, tents, wheelbarrows and other miscellaneous plastic and vinyl repairs
Part #20040

To apply pre-glued patches:
Roughen puncture area with enclosed metal scuffer and wipe clean
• Peel off the patch backing while not touching or allowing the adhesive to become contaminated
• Apply patch over the puncture and press firmly
• Insert inner tube into tire casing and re-inflate 

Tire SKABS Pre-Glued Patches Instruction Manual

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