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Rechargeable All-Purpose Digital Tire Inflator

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Slime’s Rechargeable All-Purpose Digital Tire Inflator is your new adventure companion. Whether it’s on a camping trip in the woods or just in your backyard, this cordless tire inflator has everything you need to make it a resounding success.

Let’s say you need to pump up your tires and an air mattress after a long drive to the campground. No problem. The inflator has dual motors, well suited to adapt to all types of tires and inflatables. The genius behind this inflator is its Inflate-Right Technology and rechargeable battery, making it perfect for those seeking out the next adventure.

Make sure your next adventure is a memorable one, with the Rechargeable All-Purpose Digital Tire Inflator from Slime.

Prop 65 Warning

Inflation time: 6 minutes for standard tire and 1 minute for a mattress
• 2 ways to recharge: 12V accessory car power or 120V wall outlet
2 motors: High-pressure for tires and high-volume for rafts and mattresses
Bright LED light
Built-in cup holders
Digital gauge (0-100 psi) with Inflate-Right Technology: Automatically shuts off when set pressure is reached
Fast and quiet motor design
Rugged, weather resistant housing
Braided black air hose 55cm in length with twist disconnect
On/off switch
• Tire sensor safe
Raft inflation nozzles and hoses
Part #40028

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