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CO2 Tire Inflator for Bicycles

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Time to toss your bicycle travel hand pump in exchange for this fast, easy-to-use CO2 tire inflator. Slime's compact and lightweight CO2 tire inflator features trigger-controlled technology that allows for rapid bicycle tire inflation.

Simply place the CO2 inflator head onto your bicycle tire valve stem and when you are ready to release the CO2, push down on both green triggers to inject the air.

As an added bonus, the CO2 inflator has a trigger lock in the back to prevent accidental CO2 discharge, and you can store a non-threaded 16 gram CO2 cartridge in the cup. This CO2 tire inflator even comes with 2 bonus CO2 cartridges!

Prop 65 Warning

• Trigger-controlled technology for fast, easy and controllable CO2 inflation
• Built-in “trigger lock” to prevent accidental discharge
• Heavy-duty design and construction
• Works with both Presta and Schrader valves
• Compatible with non-threaded and threaded 16 gram CO2 cartridges
• Store a non-threaded 16 gram CO2 cartridge in the cup
• Product includes (1) CO2 inflator head and (2) bonus non-threaded 16 gram CO2 cartridges
 Part #20470

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